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Scatter brains...

I went out dancing Sunday night. At first I wasn't going to go, but I didn't want to seem like a flake and cancel out on Jeffrey. That and I knew I would up all night either way, so might as well kill time doing something. I hadn't been to Velvet in such a long time. I went with Jeffrey, Glenda, Rachel, Jessica, Andy and Johnny. I met Johnny that night...but anyway, as usual it was somewhat frustrating when you want to dance all night but the people you go with don't feel the same. I guess they were too busy trying to pick up on people. Clubs and bars are the wrong places to find someone...well I think so anyway. It seemed like Johnny wanted me to meet his sister, or rather I got that impression because he kept telling me about her and then even mentioned that her and I wouldn't work out because we fall into "different scenes" and she's hella butch...the whole time I was thinking...um okay, I'm not interested, I'm taken. Aside from that, I was paranoid that Stacey would be there. She had gone to Velvet last Sunday, so I figured there was a possibility that she would show up.

She hasn't talked to me ever since Emily posed to be me and text message her to quit trying, that she wasn't getting anywhere trying to pursue me because I'm with Lindsay now. Of course I was inclined to tell her that it was Emily text messaging her pretending to be me, but that I did feel that way. That I didn't think it was right that she would talk to me about wanting to see me, and wanting to kiss me when she knew very well that I have a girlfriend and in return has one herself. Of course she made it seem likw she didnt know what I was talking about, but whatever...I did however get a message from her last night...but I was in the middle of something...ha ha...

I got bitched at today, it pissed me off the reasons Spike was going off on me. Is it really my fault that Troy hasn't been working on his e-mails, or that George fucks around most of the time on websites, or that Ginny is too busy making personal phone calls and they're work doesn't get done??? But whatever it wont matter anymore not when I start school eventually...which reminds me Ginny was talking to me about how if I really wanted to pursue Interior Design that she could get me an internship with Gensler...so that's something to think about.

Kenya had her baby last night, for some reason it was quite exciting...I don't know why...its not like we're close...she's closer to Edgar and Jeffrey.

I got the sweetest message from Leigh yesterday. I miss both her and Tristan...I miss baby sitting him and talking to Leigh. It's always sooo...what's the word soothing?...talking to her. She's like my personal therapist...

Which reminds me everytime I start thinking about going back to therapy I get distracted. I guess it's because it's such a hastle having to find a therapist and being comfortable...on that note, leopards might not be able to change their spots, but I've never considered myself a leopard.
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