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...hmmm...not sure what to call it

Last night I went to a hooka bar with Daisy and Stephanie...and this one other girl named Emily...I used to go to school with them. It was alright, I was hungry most of the time but was scared to eat because of the way I was feeling and didn't want to make it worse. It was kind of weird to hear them talk about all their college stories and experiences because it was only a reminder that I'm not in school and not doing anything with my life in regards to that. It's always so frustrating. I wish I would already make up my mind about things. But no school interests me here in California and the ones that due, I would basically have to start off as a freshman because they don't take transfers. So do I really want to go ahead and do that? It sucks when you're constantly reminded of how people expected so much success from me and what not in regards to school. Sigh...what to do.

Anyway, this morning was neat!...Lindsay sent me a dozen white roses. They were at work. I was walking down the hallway and was like hmmmm interesting and when I got closer and noticed they were white roses, I was like...hmmmm...my favorite and then I looked down to see who they were for and I got so happy and automatically knew it was from her. It made my day. It sucks she wasn't there for me to hug and kiss and thank her for them. Now they're being used for decoration for a testimonial for one of our products at work. I was like HEY!...lol...sorry babe! I get to take them home later I hope, or maybe I'll have to wait till Tuesday :-| And my boss thought he had missed my birthday. I was like um...no...I had to think about it...ha ha that's bad when you have to do that.

Anyhow aside from this, Emily called me to give me information about her grandmother's funeral and viewing...I was shocked that she actually called. I don't know how to take that, or if I should even make an appearance with the way things are between the two of us.

Okay, so I better get off of here and finish up some things for work so I can head out early. YAY!
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