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No need to understand...

I don't ask for you or anyone for that matter to understand or analyze my actions. What I do is my own damn business. My reasons for doing such things is also my reasons. You wouldn't understand because you've never been in my shoes. You've never experienced life through my eyes, my heart, my mind. So why stress over something you don't have a say so in, or if it doesn't concern you. Now if my actions had to do something in regards to you, then that's when you should fucken worry. That's when you should try to understand me...when you should stick your nose in, as opposed to somewhere it doesn't fucken belong. Don't feed me lines of how much you care about me, and you do it because you're concerned. I don't want to fucken hear it. Don't tell me you understand when you REALLY FUCKEN DON'T. Please don't try and read me, don't try and give advice when it's not asked for. Just back the fuck off and let me do my own thing.

With that off my chest...today was my first day...not that bad, though my mind was elsewhere. My co-workers are okay. Out of all of them I would say I liked Troy the best...towards the end of the day he was the one training me. I think I learned more from him, than I did from Ginny. But then again, she was out of it, so that doesn't really count. So far things are fine, I enjoyed it more when I was actually doing the work as opposed to getting trained on how to...I'm a quick learner, and a very good observer...no need to repeat things twice, but I didn't want to seem like a smart ass by saying something, so I just let them go on and on about the same thing.

Anyway...I'm off now to meet up with Vero...we're going for coffee...my head is killing me though. It has been all day...but I already know the cause of it..so yeah.
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