Julz (glowxstarz) wrote,

Gardens and Security Dogs...

Funny story I tell ya! Though it might be one of those "You had to be there" ordeals.

Happy that I had money for coffee, I dragged Emily along with me to Starbucks. Since it was also an early night, I decided to drive around for a while, wondering where we could go to kill time. I ended up driving to a park I was curious to...what's the word...visit? I had learned about it while Leigh was visiting for her friend's wedding. It's actually the park/garden where the wedding was held.

It was 9 something at night and the parking lot was still open so I assumed the park itself was still open as well. We parked and walked in. I was pleased with the site and setting or the place.

The pathways were lit and there were lit fountains as well...reminded me so much of Loose Park and the Plaza in Kansas City. Since we were away from the city lights, we were able to see some of the stars above us and somewhat of a full moon. ...hmmm to be continued.

-- 10/23/05
So I meant to continue this story but I've gotten tired of re-telling it...so yeah those of it that know it...it was quite amusing. The things I get myself into. Good times. At least I can laugh about it. I'm not some prissy chick that yeah...can't take a fucken joke or some girly girl that god forbid this and that gets on me because I'll have to go home and change...

I'm a klutz. I'm a dork. I'm not careful. I'm just me! So deal with it bitches!...oh lordy! Jeffrey is getting to me...lol.
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